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Richmond Cues are the finest quality hand crafted cues. Every cue is meticulously designed and hand crafted under the direct supervision of the original ďRichmondĒ family. The use of fine woods and exotic materials are also key to Richmondís market leading position.

Richmond cues will never be mass produced; they are a craftsman tradition that has been handed down for over eighty years. This sort of quality cannot be compromised, Richmond customers expect the best and thatís what we deliver them. Over the years some other cues have tried to imitate the Richmond style thatís why Richmond cues carry a serial number and certificate of authenticity to ensure that Richmond customers get the finest Richmond quality.

Richmond Cues, when only the best will do.

Richmond Custom Exotic cues Are made from the high quality local and imported exotic materials which may include ivory and snake skin.

Richmondcues professional custom cues are only made from the highest quality materials combined with intricate craftsmanship.

Richmondcues' classic cues are made with high quality materials and are uniquely designed to have that 'classic cue' feel.

Richmond cues limited edition cues are high grade cues with unique one of a kind artistic designs for cue collectors and professionals.

I N    F O C U S

Roberto "Superman" Gomez a well known billiard player from the Philippines holding a Richmond high quality cue and the Richmond plaque.
(more on our photogallery soon)